State, Religion and Church in Russia and Worldwide

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State, Religion and Church in Russia and Worldwide / Gosudarstvo, religiia, tserkov' v Rossii i za rubezhom is an academic peer-reviewed quarterly devoted to the multidisciplinary study of religion. It is published under the aegis of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, Moscow, Russia. It appears in the Russian language with English summaries.

The journal was established back in 1968, but since 2012, under an entirely new Editorial team, it underwent a substantial transformation in terms of thematic scope, standards of peer-reviewing, design, and distribution. The journal has applied to be included into major international citation indexes and databases.

The main objective of the editorial policy is to draw upon most recent trends in theories and methods in the disciplines dealing with religious phenomena. Its main scope is religions and modernity (late modernity), as well as retrospective studies of history of religions, using scholarly tools and sources available in cutting-edge, current research both in this country and worldwide. Studies of religion are also conducted with the approaches from religious studies proper, as well as other human sciences (history, philosophy, arts, psychology, cultural studies, etc.) and the social sciences (sociology, anthropology/ethnology, political sciences, etc.).

The Editorial Board and the International Council include leading scholars in the field, also from various disciplines, both from Russia and other countries. This wide range of scholarly experiences involved with the journal will provide, as we believe, a truly global scope of discussion: although current Russian religiosity will certainly be central to our interests, the journal will be pleased to accept studies dealing with other regions and other historical periods.

The journal publishes original scholarly papers, copyrighted translations from recent western publications, and reviews of recent books in the field. All prospective authors are welcome to submit papers and suggested to follow some submission requirements. 

We invite for collaboration all interested persons and institutions, including academic periodicals with similar thematic scope, to create joint projects and special thematic issues.

Dmitry Uzlaner,

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