political theology

The Case of Ecology in Contextual and Inter-Contextual Political Theology

Waiting for a Miracle: The Sociology of Replicants as Political Theology (Blade Runner 2049)

The author presents a philosophical analysis of the film “Blade Runner 2049” (2017, directed by Denis Villeneuve) — the sequel to the famous film “Blade Runner” (1982, directed by Ridley Scott). Both films are read as a political-theological statement. They feature creatures that are biologically almost indistinguishable from humans, the “replicants”. They are used to colonize distant planets and are forbidden to live on Earth.

Mystical Politics as contradiction in adjecto. Thoughts on the Margins of Aristotle Papanikolaou’s Recent Book

The Development of “Theology of Power” in the Fourteenth — Sixteenth Century Russia

The article examines the development of a particular “theology of power” in Russia in the 14-16th centuries, which became a foundation of the Russian ideology of monarchical rule. It explores a specific relationship between the Russian church and state as expressed in Ivan the Terrible’s theological views. It then discusses several inner conflicts and alternative theological viewpoints on the phenomenon of Tsar’s power in the medieval Russia. It goes further with detailed analysis of how this “theology of power” affected the country’s later socio-cultural history.