Orthodox Anti-Ecumenism 2.0: Mobilization Model, Securitization and Revanchism

Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza and the Quest for the Historical Jesus

Round-table: "What Is Happening in the Islamic World? An Attempt at a Conceptualization"

The roundtable addressed the question of research methodologies for those trends now observable in the Islamic world, as well as conceptual approaches for understanding current developments there. Such frameworks as Islamic reformation, a neo-modern age, and the search for a political Islamic identity were proposed. Participants did not agree about the relationship between Islamic fundamentalism and modernity. Some of them considered fundamentalism as potentially a modernist movement, and others saw it only as antimodernist and archaic.

Islam in the West or Western Islam? The Disconnect of Religion and Culture

The definitive presence of a huge Muslim population in Europe will have long-term consequences. There is, nevertheless, some debate about the size of the Muslim population, partly due to imprecise data, partly due to the difficulty of knowing who qualifies as Muslim. Is one defined as a Muslim because of one’s choice of religious community, or is one a Muslim by ethnic background? Beyond the demographic aspect, the fact that Islam is taking hold in Europe seems to call into question European identity. What does the rise of Islam in Europe entail in terms of shared culture and values?

Alexander Dugin: Building a Bridge between Eschatology and Conspiracy

«Praying Youth» as a Subculture of the Kabardino-Balkar Society

Secularization Falsified

The article gives a panorama of religious revival which is being witnessed all over the world. Special attention is devoted to Islam and Evangelicalism. This religious revival forces researchers to rethink their conclusions concerning the inevitability of secularization. Instead of expecting the disappearance of religion and its removal out of the public sphere, one should strive for moderation in religious questions, which could be the best defense against aggressive fundamentalists.