The Dialectics of Secularization in Russia: An Appraisal of V. Zenkovsky’s History of Russian Philosophy

There is an ongoing debate regarding the dialectics of secularization in the West. One of the key works in the field is Charles Taylor’s A Secular Age, exploring the role of metaphysics in the development of Western secularism. Yet the process of secularization in the Russian context largely remains beyond the scope of the current scholarly discussions. Dealing with the dialectics of secularization in the history of Russian philosophy, the author draws a parallel between Charles Taylor’s fundamental work and Vasily Zenkovsky’s History of Russian Philosophy.

Postsecular Conflicts and the Global Struggle for Traditional Values

„The Case of Crucifixions“ in the European Court: a Postsecular Reading

"The Pussy Riot Case" and the Peculiarities of Russian Postsecularism

‘Multiple Modernities’, Russia’s ‘Cursed Issues’ and the Endurance of Secular Modernity (a Theoretical Essay)

Russia provides interesting material to test Eisentadt’s hypothesis of ‘multiple modernities’ and the idea that such alleged ‘multiplicity’ is determined by the differences of religious traditions. I argue that in Russia all attempts at modernization, starting from Peter the Great and including its Soviet version, were oriented towards the western ‘cultural program of modernity’, as an ideal type, rather than toward creating some special ‘Russian pattern’ of it.