The Digitalization of Worship Practices during the Coronavirus Pandemic in the Context of the Mediatization of Orthodoxy

The article describes how the closure of churches during the Easter period due to the COVID‑19 pandemic and the quarantine measures led to the shift of everyday liturgical and communication practices to online forms. The experience of distance church life” in April‑June 2020 has shown that both the mediatization of Orthodoxy and the development of Orthodox segment of the internet reached a fundamentally new stage.

Images of the Country, Church, the People and the Human Person in Prayers for Russia of the Revolutionary Era

This article looks at prayers for Russia and for the Russian Church which were written or compiled during the period of Russia’s revolutionary trials. These texts and rites were the fruits of the ecclesial and religious reflections of the faithful in response to the tragic events that were engulfing Russia’s life and society; they give us a chance to see the events of the era as refracted through the lens of contemporary theological, ecclesial and religious thought.

Liturgical Reform in English Pamphlets and Tracts, 1828–1833