The Orthodox Church behind the "Iron Curtain"


Bulgarian Orthodox Church and the Ecumenical Movement after the Second World War

The Issue of Declaring Bishop Vladimir Kotliarov, Moscow Patriarchate Representative to the Patriarch of Antioch and All the East, Persona Non Grata in 1966

“Orthodox Factor” in Soviet Diplomacy: International Communications of the Moscow Patriarchate in the mid-1940s

The Issue of Autocephaly of the Polish Orthodox Church in the Early Years of the Cold War

The question of the status of the Polish Orthodox Church had important political significance in the postwar years. The governments of the USSR and Poland were addressing the issue with great attention. The beginning of the Cold War strongly inluenced the decision of granting autocephaly to the Polish Orthodox Church. The article describes how this foreign policy factor afected the communications of the Soviet and Polish oicials in the matter of the autocephaly.