history of Islam in Russia

Women Talking About Women: A Muslim Woman in the Tatar Periodical Press of the Early 20th Century

This article deals with the study of the formation of two gender discourses, male and female, in Muslim Tatar periodicals of the Russian Empire in the early 20th century. The study is based on an analysis of such journals as “Syuyumbike”, “Azat Khanym” (“Liberated Woman”), the most authoritative journal of the Russian Muslims “Shura” (“The Council”), and other periodicals that dealt with the “women’s issue.” In this discourse, women took as active part as men, with respective differences.

“Female Mullah”? Women’s Roles in Muslim Religious Practices of Middle Volga Region during the War and Postwar Period

The paper deals with role of women in everyday religious practices of the Muslim communities of the Middle Volga region during the war and immediate post-war period. The author explores the combination of traditional and new practices and explains them through the evolution of gender relations in rural society of Tatar Muslims.