Pilgrimage as a Path to Faith: An Essay on a Social Construction of Religiosity

The article is devoted to pilgrimage and represents an anthropological interview with the researcher’s comments. The interview was recorded on April 2019, in Elista, at the religious community of the Temple “Golden Abode of Shakyamuni Buddha”. The narrative shows how a pilgrimage to India is perceived by Kalmykia’s believers as a means of coping with life’s hurdles and of searching for its new meaning.

The Origin of Science and Religious Experience

This article describes the «beginning of science», that initial actof thought, through which scientific research begins. It is also demonstrated that the experience of the subject accompanying this act of thought is close to the religious experience. The specific scientific use of language and related ontological assumptions are analyzed. A comparison of language and the ontology of science with language and the ontology of utilitarian practices is made. Description is considered as the language typically used for science. Description is opposed to instruction.