Eastern Orthodox Church

The Agenda of Vatican II Council and of Pan-Orthodox Council it the Preparatory Period: Parallels and Differences

The article compares the agenda of the II Vatican Council of the Catholic Church (1962 – 1965) and the themes of the Pan-Orthodox Council during many years of its preparation. The author points to the thematic parallelism of the two conciliar processes, which reflected the desire of the Catholic and Orthodox churches to respond to the challenges of contemporary world.

Christian Denominations in Soviet Byelorussia in 1929–1939: Active and Passive Forms of Resistance

The author presents a detailed analysis of the reactions of believers in Belorussia to the official religious policies in the 1930s; their reactions are examined through the lens of the “history of everyday life” approach. The main sources were collections of the National Archives of the Republic of Belarus, fund #4p “Central Committee of the Communist Bolshevik Party of Belorussia, 1917-1941.”