legal pluralism

Islamic Law in the Situation of Rivalry of Different Legal Systems: The Case of the North Caucasus

The goal of this article is to provide a general overview of current research concerning the use of religious norms as an instrument of social regulation in the North Caucasus. The use of Islamic legal norms is an example of legal pluralism, i.e., parallel coexistence of different legal systems or their separate legal norms. The author gives a detailed analysis of two aspects of the use of religious norms to resolve conflicts in the eastern part of the North Caucasus.

Minority Legal Orders: Accommodating Religious Law in Western Democracies

The paper argues that Western democracy, such as the UK, has a responsibility to consider the rights and needs of those from minority groups who want to make legal decisions in tune with their culture and beliefs; it also has a responsibility to protect those "minorities within minorities" who are vulnerable to pressure to comply with the norms of their social group.

„Russia should not be guided by the European Court of Human Rights“

The Social Construction of Legal Pluralism