Varieties of Esotericism


The Reception of Gnostic Ideas in Russian Literature of the Early 20th Century

Integral Traditionalism: Between Politics and Esotericism

This article describes various interpretations of the so called integral traditionalism and its role in the political and religious movements of the 20th century. Looking at political movements and individuals who associated themselves with traditionalism, the author concludes that the integral traditionalism can not work as a political ideology, since its main objectives are otherworldly; in fact, the actual role of these movements in politics was minor. It makes more sense

The Origins of Gerald Gardner’s Views on Witchcraft

Celestial Reflections: an Outline of Contemporary Astrology

The article offers a short historical-analytical survey of some general trends of modern Western astrology, by discussing changes and continuities of astrological worldview with short excurses into a number of astrological systems found in the modern Russian religious landscape.

From Charm to Ritual: Transformations of «Magic» in the Post-Soviet Space

The New Age of Kabbalah. Contemporary Kabbalah, New Age and Postmodern Spirituality

Esotericism and Worldview of the Russian Freemasonry of the 18th — 19th Centuries: Toward a Conceptualization

Practical Spirituality and Spiritual Practice of Alchemy