Mediatisation of Religion: A Critical Appraisal

Media as a context for shaping religion in modern society has generally been overlooked in the mainstream sociology of religion. This article discusses the relevance of the thesis of a mediatisation of religion presented by Stig Hjarvard for studying religious transformation in a modern, Western society.

Middle-Range Theories in Religion and Media Studies: Mediation, Mediatization and RSST

The article explores three seminal approaches to the study of religion and media: mediatization theory, mediation theory, and religious‑social shaping of technology (RSST). The overview gives a comparative analysis of these approaches considering the relation between the genesis and conceptual frame of each approach and the scope and boundaries of its application. Firstly, we focus on the difference in the conceptualization of the relation of media and religion.

Esotericism and Worldview of the Russian Freemasonry of the 18th — 19th Centuries: Toward a Conceptualization