evangelical Christians

Marriage Ideas and Practices among Evangelical Believers in the Soviet Union in 1940–1980s: The Case of Central Black Earth Region

The scope of the present research is the evolution of marriage and family ideas in the Evangelical Christian Baptist movement after World War II in the Soviet Union. The author analyzed the special views on marriage among the Russian Baptists, found in the Baptist bulletin “Bratsky Vestnik” (Fraternal Bulletin), as well as in the archival documents from the Evangelical Christian Baptist churches of Tambov, Voronezh and Lipetsk regions. The author reconstructs the model of marriage relationships and family practices among the Evangelicals.

Women in the Communal Life of the Protestant Churches in the Soviet Union (1945–1991)

The article deals with the roles of women in the Protestant communities in the post-war Soviet Union. It contributes to a still understudied field of gender studies related to the Protestant churches of the Soviet period. The study draws upon the archival materials of the Fund of the Office of religious cults and then the Office of religious affairs of Moscow and Moscow region.