Book Reviews

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Popular Culture as Religion (Review of: Possamai, Adam (ed.) (2012) Handbook of Hyper-Real Religions. Leiden, London: Brill. — 441 р.)

A New Look at the First Anti-Church Decrees of the Soviet Power

Review of: Otdelenie tserkvi ot gosudarstva i shkoly ot tserkvi v Sovetskoi Rossii. Oktiabr' 1917–1918 g. Sbornik dokumentov [Separation of the Church from the State and the Church from the School. October 1917–1918. Collection of Documents] / Otv. red. prot. Vladimir Vorob'ev, otv. sost. L.B. Miliakova. M.: Izd-vo PSTGU, 2016. — 944 s.

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What We Can’t Talk About Should Be Imagined (Review of: Zygmont, A. (2018) Sviataia negativnost’. Nasilie i sakral’noe v filosofii Zh. Bataia [Sacred negativity. Violence and the sacred in the philosophy of Georges Bataille]. M.: Novoe literaturnoe obozre