Book Reviews

Review of Book Series of SEFER Center

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Noble, Samuel and Treiger, Alexander (2014) The Orthodox Church in the Arab World, 700–1700: An Anthology of Sources / Foreword by Metropolitan Ephrem (Kyriakos). DeKalb, IL.: Northern Illinois University Press. – 355 p.

Seleznyov, Nikolai (2014) Pax Christiana et Pax Islamica: On the History of Interconfessional Relations in the Medieval Near East. Moscow: Russian State University for the Humanities. – 264 p. (In Russian)

Zabotkina, V. (ed.) (2012) Russia: A Changing Concept of Time through the Lens of Language. Representations of Time in Russian Language in Comparison with English and German. Moscow: Rukopisnye pamiatniki drevnei Rusi. In Russian. — 472 p.

Aitamurto, K. and Simpson, S. (2013) Modern Pagan and Native Faith Movements in Central and Eastern Europe. Acumen. — 352 p.

Moreman, Ch. (ed.) (2013) The Spiritualist Movement: Speaking with the Dead in America and Around the World. Vol. 1 – 3. Westport: Praeger. — 805 p.

Parker Gumucio, C. (ed.)(2012) Religion, politica y cultura en America Latina: Nuevas miradas / Religiao, politica e cultura na America Latina: Novos olhares. Santiago de Chile: Instituto de estudios avanzados de la Universidad de Santiago de Chile.—392p.