Toward the Sociology of Esoteric Culture

The point of departure of this paper is an examination of the sociological literature on the recent occult revival in modern societies. This phenomenon, which clashes with the image of secularization, is particularly notable among the youth of the counterculture. To further sociological analysis, a conceptualization of esoteric culture is proposed. It is further argued that esoteric culture has played a significant role in Western cultural change, in such areas as artistic

Celestial Reflections: an Outline of Contemporary Astrology

The article offers a short historical-analytical survey of some general trends of modern Western astrology, by discussing changes and continuities of astrological worldview with short excurses into a number of astrological systems found in the modern Russian religious landscape.

The New Age of Kabbalah. Contemporary Kabbalah, New Age and Postmodern Spirituality

Esotericism and Worldview of the Russian Freemasonry of the 18th — 19th Centuries: Toward a Conceptualization

Specific Features of Contemporary Russian Esoteriology

What Is Esoteric? Methods in the Study of Western Esotericism