Cold War

How to Establish an “Anti-Soviet Organization”? History of the Keston Institute and a Letter of Orthodox Believers from Pochaev Monastery

Michael Bourdeaux, the Centre for the Study of Religion and Communism, and the Defense of Religious Liberty, 1959–1975

Was There a Third Way? World Council of Churches in the Period of Cold War

The Cold War and the Ideological Struggle on the “Religious Front”: Some Patterns of Soviet Propaganda

The Issue of Autocephaly of the Polish Orthodox Church in the Early Years of the Cold War

The question of the status of the Polish Orthodox Church had important political significance in the postwar years. The governments of the USSR and Poland were addressing the issue with great attention. The beginning of the Cold War strongly inluenced the decision of granting autocephaly to the Polish Orthodox Church. The article describes how this foreign policy factor afected the communications of the Soviet and Polish oicials in the matter of the autocephaly. 


The Russian Origins of the So-Called Post-Secular Moment: Some Preliminary Observations