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Eunuchs of the Kingdom. Interpretation of Matthew 19:12 in the Early Christian Movement

The Case of Ecology in Contextual and Inter-Contextual Political Theology

Homosexuality, Queer Theory and Christian Theology

The author shows the complex interplay between the advocacy for inclusion of homosexuals, on the one hand, and queer theory, which, as a product of postmodernism, seeks to question heteronormativity as such, as a historical and cultural system. Based on the material of various works, mainly by American authors, the paper further examines the place of queer theology, which, relying on the general queer theory, tries to rethink the foundations of the Christian message in a more inclusive spirit.


Teología India: Indigenous Contributions to Context Theology in Mexico

James H. Cone and Black Theology

Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza and the Quest for the Historical Jesus

Who Is Hiding in the Shadows: The Outlines of Dark Ecclesiology

From creatio ex nihilo to creatio ex profundis: Rethinking the Doctrine of Creation in Postmetaphysical Theology

The article is devoted to the rethinking of the traditional doctrine of creation in postmetaphysical theology, which is seen as an example of contextual theology. An analysis of the works of Catherine Keller

Theology in Context: The Authenticity of Particular as a Challenge to Christianity’s Universal Truth. Introduction

Spirits Offering Protection: The Cult of General Đoàn Thượng in Vietnam in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The article discusses the changes that have occurred in the ceremonies of the spirits cult in village communities of Vietnam during the COVID‑19 pandemic and offers a case study of General Đoàn Thượng’s (1181–1228) cult. I compare two ceremonies: commemoration of the General’s spirit in the temple in his native village in Hải Dương province on May 1, 2018 (my own fieldwork) and a closed ceremony in the same temple which were broadcasted on the Internet on April 8, 2020.