Religion in Courts


Between the Margins of Appreciation and Neutrality: the Lautsi Case and a New Balance in the Field of Religious Freedom in Europe

„The Case of Crucifixions“ in the European Court: a Postsecular Reading

Admissible Level of „Immorality“: European Law and Traditional Values

Law and Religion Beyond National Borders: The Virtue of the European Court of Human Rights

From Ignorance to Alleged Extremism: the Problems of Religious Expertise in Russia

Counteracting „Religious Extremism“: the Russian State in Search for Responses to the Challeges of Desecularization

Religious Freedom and the German Circumcision Debate

The Social Construction of Legal Pluralism

Freedom of Expression and Religious Sensitivities in Pluralist Societies: Facing the Challenge of Extreme Speech

No. 2 (31) 2013